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2018.05.19 Blooming flowers

Caesalpinia Gilliesii

When we arrived in the house we have rented for the summer there was a skinny plant near the gate that almost looked dead. I didn’t give it much attention at the time.

Last week all of a sudden flowers blossomed on the one branch the plant has. Beautiful yellow with red ones.

And today – after a sunny and warm week – I decided the garden needed water. In the back of the garden, where we never come, I now discovered the same plant, but with a lot of branches. And hence with a lot of those beautiful flowers.

The conclusion being of course that I should water the plants more often. 🙂

BTW, I have no idea what kind of flower this is. Anybody?


PS It’s a Bird-of-Paradise shrub, Caesalpinia Gilliesii and it’s poisonous for dogs.

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