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2018.10.14 Yoga with kids


For my morning exercises, I have 3 routines I do alternately. One is all kinds of stretching exercises, the second is power training with weights (actually 2 water bottles, because my halters are in the storage), and the third is yoga.

Son and grandsons also do yoga, so one of the mornings they were here, we could exercise it with the 4 of us.

The youngest is too young. He just plays. That is not a problem of course. The eldest on the other hand loves it. They have found a Youtube channel that is just great for kids. The yoga teacher tells a story that is accompanied by all kinds of movements.

For me, it was all a slight bit too fast. For kids it is fantastic. They pick up yoga in a playful way and once they are older and still interested in yoga, they can learn it in a more relaxed way.


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