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2018.10.18 Daily journaling

A new journal

At the beginning of July, I started in a new journal. The white one, that I got as a goodbye present from my friend Jenny.

Today I started in another new journal because the white one is full. I write a lot. At least twice a day, mornings and evenings. And sometimes during the day as well, if I have read or seen something interesting.

I am trying several brands of journals. Happinez, Paperblanks, Moleskin. So far I don’t have a preference.

Ever since I read about Bullet Journaling I write even more. And my system is better. I used to have several notebooks for several subjects. Ending up in chaos. Now I have only 1 journal and work with an index system. That suits me better.

And yes, I also store texts digitally. But ‘analog’ writing is good for the brain, so I often start with that.


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