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2018.08.19 Goats, birds, and buttons

When we visited the Sierra Espuña earlier this week, we promised the foresters we would come back with our grandchildren. And since today was a cloudy day, we lived up to our promise. Driving to the visitor center we had to stop because of a great herd of mountain goats next to the road. Unfortunately, … Read more

2018.07.05 Go to the beach, have fun, repeat

Unfortunately, we have to come to the conclusion that our grandsons are Spanish builders, not Dutch ones. Instead of building dikes and canals, they like to stampede on the castillos that daddy and oma build. It’s not that we mind that much as long as they are having fun. And since the sun returned after … Read more

2018.03.25 A day at the Zoo

March had the theme ‘Animals’ for the grandchildren so we decided to go to the Madrid Zoo this weekend. We were very lucky to have chosen Sunday because the weather was sunny. Cold, but sunny. The kids were out of their heads with excitement, running around and hardly giving themselves any time to have a … Read more