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2018.08.19 Goats, birds, and buttons

When we visited the Sierra Espuña earlier this week, we promised the foresters we would come back with our grandchildren. And since today was a cloudy day, we lived up to our promise. Driving to the visitor center we had to stop because of a great herd of mountain goats next to the road. Unfortunately, … Read more

2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course. Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach. As such the beach is okay, … Read more

2018.08.03 A declaration of love

On a regular basis, I read books about personal development. The latest is “Living by Design” by Nisandeh Neta. One of the pieces of advice in that book is ‘do new things’. From my own experience, I now know that this is very good advice. I have believed for the last couple of years that … Read more

2018.06.12 The biggest joy

Today we traveled north to be able to celebrate the birthday of the eldest one tomorrow. Such a delight, now he is getting a bit older, that he can really enjoy our visit and was anticipating our coming almost as much as he is anticipating his birthday. Coming out of school he started talking and … Read more

2018.04.17 Heading south

Whenever we talk with our youngest he reminds me of Manuel, the waiter in Fawlty Towers.Alex understands most of the Dutch, English, and Spanish that is spoken to him, but questions are always answered with ¿Que? We will miss that high-pitched voice in the coming months because today we are traveling back to the south … Read more

2018.03.25 A day at the Zoo

March had the theme ‘Animals’ for the grandchildren so we decided to go to the Madrid Zoo this weekend. We were very lucky to have chosen Sunday because the weather was sunny. Cold, but sunny. The kids were out of their heads with excitement, running around and hardly giving themselves any time to have a … Read more

2018.03.22 Meeting the children

Today we went back to the family in Leganés. The temperatures varied from 0°C to 20°C, although both those extremes were very temporary. Most of the time it was right in between, making our hike in the Tablas de Daimiel which we visited again nice. The reason to visit the Tablas again was simple. We … Read more