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2018.10.14 Yoga with kids

For my morning exercises, I have 3 routines I do alternately. One is all kinds of stretching exercises, the second is power training with weights (actually 2 water bottles, because my halters are in the storage), and the third is yoga. Son and grandsons also do yoga, so one of the mornings they were here, … Read more

2018.07.10 You take my breath away

For some reason, the theme of today turned out to be smoking. Which is kind of odd since we are both avid non-smokers. It started with a business appointment in a small room where the owner obviously had just put out the last cigarette. Making me cough and not too keen to discuss health insurance … Read more

2018.04.19 Taking the stairs is healthy

We are staying in a spa hotel at the moment. Lots of facilities over here. Or as the hotel says Bienvenido a un mundo diferente. It’s a nice hotel. And as usual, there is something that is nagging us. We wouldn’t be our critical, thinking selves if there wasn’t:Why is it always so hard to … Read more

2018.03.11 Mindfull meditation

On and off I tried to meditate in the past years. I didn’t succeed. Last April somebody recommended the “Calm”-app to me and ever since I meditate every day. 10 minutes for the time being, but I must say, I really love it. It is a guided meditation and she stresses out that it is … Read more

2017.12.29 Soar muscles

Finally, after a week of muscle pain in my hips and tushi, I could walk up and down the mountain without groaning! These daily walks are really good for my physical condition. And I am proud of myself that I didn’t let Tom’s illness interfere, but walked anyway. Tom started his walking today after a … Read more

2017.12.23 Keeping the flu out

Coffee and water in the morning sun at ‘our’ terrace. Mmmm, bliss. Getting used to the temperatures and the differences between day and evening, sun and shadow, or outside and air-conditioned shops can be difficult. So unfortunately Tom has the flu now.Let’s hope that my daily sun bath will keep me healthy. ^hm

2017.12.15 Coughing and running noses

What I won’t miss I cough a lot. So does hubby. And recently I started noticing that a lot of friends and family have a respiratory ‘something’ as well. Coughing, running nose, stuffy nose, allergies. So maybe it’s my imagination, but it also might be the pollution. The area in between Antwerp, Rotterdam, and the … Read more