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7 Spectacular and Beautiful Places of Interest in Murcia, Spain

7 Spectacular and Beautiful Places of Interest in Murcia, Spain

On a first superficial look at the province of Murcia in Spain, you might judge this as a place of little significance. Some parts are even ugly and I sure have mixed feelings about the area where I live.

If you are able to see the beauty in ugly things, there are a lot of places of interest in Murcia. If I look with my photographic eye, I see the beauty of the blossoms and (almost) forget about the poison that is sprayed on them.

No way to forget the ugliness of the chemical industry in the neighborhood of Cartagena but still I can enjoy the lines and colors of the machinery.

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2018.10.20 IKKENEE

Because sometimes your dreams need a little help: Porque a veces tus sueños pueden necesitar ayuda. This is IKEA in Murcia. The traffic around the shop was a total mess. Inside, the traffic was even worse. But that happens when it’s a rainy Saturday and everybody is trying to make something out of such a … Read more

2018.08.31 El Mirador de Los Pepineros

And again all stuff has to be packed because we’re moving. It’s at least the tenth time this year. Because we stayed at all kinds of different places, we now feel like real nomads. This is not a reference to the motor club but to the small tribes that cross the desert. Or any other … Read more

2018.06.27 Amianto

The Asociación de Vecinos (neighborhood association) de Zarzaquemada in Leganés (a suburb of Madrid) issues a monthly magazine called La Palabra (The Word). Its distribution is free. Nothing in La Palabra’s issue 366 (17 de Marzo de 2018) about bingo or shuffleboard. The cover of the magazine features the battles over pensions and feminism that in … Read more

2018.04.30 Roman mines

Today we went on foot to the village of Mazarrón. The weather was nice. Some sun, some clouds. Nice temperature. If you’re on foot you have all the time to admire the environment. For instance, flora – some olive and fig trees – and fauna – two hares. It’s also interesting to wonder whether Mazarrón … Read more

2018.03.03 El pacto del agua

Today the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais posted a message on its website about negotiations on a water treaty between the countries’ two biggest political parties – the Partido Popular (PP) and the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE). Next Wednesday (the 7th), thousands of farmers from Alicante, Murcia, and Almeria will protest at the department … Read more