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Our Mobility Defines our Quality of Life Substantially

Our Mobility Defines our Quality of Life Substantially

The importance of mobility is demonstrated by the enormous leap in the quality of life of older people took over the last 20 years.

This improvement is predominantly attributed to denser public transport, cheaper cars, scoot mobiles, rollators, improved electric wheelchairs, taxis-to-share and the like. 

Our quality of life is defined by our mobility. That sounds a bit odd from someone who spent a substantial part of his life in traffic jams and overcrowded trains. But there is another side of the coin. Another type of mobility that is even more important.

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2018.03.30 Zarzaquemada

Zarzaquemada is a densely populated district in the city of Leganés. It has been built in the Seventies of the last century and consists mainly of uniform apartment blocks. Several parks line the district and between the apartment blocks, you can find childrens’ playgrounds such as in the picture. As soon as the sun comes … Read more