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2018.10.08 Treacherous ramblas

This is the Rambla Honda. In Spain, a rambla can have two distinct meanings: an avenue (like the world-famous La Rambla in Barcelona) or a dry riverbed. The big pile of stones and sand on the left side were shoved away last week because they threatened to block the exit of the riverbed. These kinds … Read more

2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course. Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach. As such the beach is okay, … Read more

2018.06.01 Cola Loca

The Dutch news website nos.nl referred to a critical message posted by The Verge. The message concerned the amount of water that is required to produce one liter of regular Coca-Cola. The Verge found that Coca-Cola lied: it wasn’t two liters, but seventy. The majority of the water is used to produce the abundant amount … Read more

2018.05.24 Recycling

We use a Brita filter for our tap water. Those filters can be bought almost everywhere: at the supermarkets that are big enough to have a non-food department, at the Mediamarkt, at some household stores. But you can’t recycle them in the store where you buy those filters. I gave up on asking in the … Read more

2018.03.27 Lunchtime for the fountain gnomes

Here in Leganés, there are many fountains. On roundabouts and on squares. When the sun is low, the image of light and shadow is beautiful. There is one thing I don’t get. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Why are the fountains not working between 2 pm and 5 pm? Do the … Read more

2018.03.03 El pacto del agua

Today the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais posted a message on its website about negotiations on a water treaty between the countries’ two biggest political parties – the Partido Popular (PP) and the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE). Next Wednesday (the 7th), thousands of farmers from Alicante, Murcia, and Almeria will protest at the department … Read more

2018.02.28 In desperate need of water

The weather prediction for the next 10 days is rain, rain, rain, and an occasional thunderstorm. Nevertheless, we were very lucky this morning and did our daily walk without a drop of water. But the afternoon was characterized by lots of rain and at times the clouds came down on us, blocking the view outside. … Read more