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2018.09.09 Pure air from the Arctic

This is what happens when the skies clear above the sea. At once you can see for miles on end. But these clear skies combined with the clouds on the right, announce a change in the weather. No matter how south you go, the Arctic knows where to find you. A cold streak of high-speed … Read more

2018.09.05 A change in the weather?

Although the waves aren’t as high as they were yesterday in Japan during typhoon Jebi, they announce here a change in the weather is coming. In San Carles de Rapita the streets were flooded today. In the Rioja wine area hailstones as big as golf balls destroyed cars and parts of the grape harvest. Tomorrow … Read more

2018.08.16 Welcoming the rain

Woot, woot! Finally some rain. And now we realized again why gutters are a really great invention. In the Netherlands, you will hardly discover any house without them. Over here it’s the other way around. Water was streaming from every roof tile which made a spectacular view (from the inside of the house of course). … Read more

2018.08.15 Just some lights

For days it has been, what we call, Dutch weather. Humid, cloudy, stuffy. I wish it would rain. Then it would cool down and the garden would be happy as well. But no luck so far. It lights, which is a spectacular view in the dusk, but nothing more. The forecast says there will be … Read more

2018.05.21 Blue skies

Until today every early morning and every early evening clouds are hanging either on top of the mountains or above our heads. Today was the exact opposite. An impeccable blue sky this morning and the moment I am writing this post. And clouds in the middle of the day. Everybody keeps warning us it’s going … Read more

2018.05.10 Walking in the rain

The weather app keeps predicting sun and the reality keeps being rainy. Well, we won’t melt from a bit of rain. Although we didn’t like that the supposedly drying laundry outside got soaking wet again. Today we walked a part of the Vías Verde. We took up the path about 600 m. from our house … Read more

2018.05.09 Raindrops in the swimming pool

Most of the day was sunny and lovely. When we drove out of Puerto de Mazarrón with our shoppings we saw big waves of sea mist. But still, we hadn’t thought it would rain. Even when we see dark clouds we don’t expect rain. Especially when the weather app predicts sunshine all day. So yes, … Read more