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What to See in Antwerp, Belgium. Including Unknown Hot Spots

What to See in Antwerp, Belgium, including Unknown Hot Spots
View on top of the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom)

In the Netherlands we lived 5 miles from the Belgium border. And crossing the border really meant crossing a frontier, despite that small distance.

As soon as you are in the neighborhood of the border you can see that the street is different (ask any professional cyclist – Belgian cobblestone roads are famous), the houses are built with materials we don’t use in the Netherlands and on a back road it even shows that nature looks different. In the Netherlands everything is clean cut, Belgium is cozier.

For Tom and me Antwerp was closer by than Amsterdam, so if we wanted to sniff some culture we usually went there. What to see in Antwerp? There is a lot of variety and the terraces are great!

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The 5 major Tourist Attractions in Breda, the Netherlands

The 5 major Tourist Attractions in Breda, the Netherlands
Chassépark and the “Grote Kerk” in the background.

Since we can’t travel at the moment, I am traveling virtually. I made a dreamboard the other day which was a lot of fun.

And as another replacement I am making reviews about travel destinations. Sounds like a good second best plan, don’t you agree?

Breda is the hometown of both Tom and me. It is a cozy, provincial town with a beautiful historic center.

In the months before we left Breda to emigrate to Spain, I wandered around a lot, already feeling like a tourist, taking loads of pictures.

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