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The Ruhr Area in Germany: My Top 1 Place for a Day Trip

The Ruhr Area in Germany: My Favorite Place for a Day Trip

Despite the industrialization of the area my favorite place to go was the Ruhr area in Germany. When I still lived in the Netherlands, it was a car journey of 1,5 hours from our house.

My husband Tom and I are not allowed to travel at the moment (in fact not even allowed to leave the village, unless for an emergency), but as soon as things are normal again we intend to visit our hometown. And we might go to the Ruhr area again.

The area became the “European Capital of Culture” in 2010. This meant a face lift for a region that had been a dirty, neglected orphan since the mines and steel industry slowly came to a halt.

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The 5 major Tourist Attractions in Breda, the Netherlands

The 5 major Tourist Attractions in Breda, the Netherlands
Chassépark and the “Grote Kerk” in the background.

Since we can’t travel at the moment, I am traveling virtually. I made a dreamboard the other day which was a lot of fun. And as another replacement I am making reviews about travel destinations. Sounds like a good second best plan, don’t you agree?

Breda is the hometown of both Tom and me. It is a cozy, provincial town with a beautiful historic center. In the months before we left Breda to emigrate to Spain, I wandered around a lot, already feeling like a tourist, taking loads of pictures.

Dutch sensitivities

Most Spanish people give a sign of recognition when they hear that we are from Breda. The town was under siege during the 80-year war between the Spaniards and the Dutch. Our new friends know because Diego Velázquez made a painting of the surrender of Breda.

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