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How to Earn Money while Traveling, even as a Pensioner

How to Earn Money while Traveling, even as a Pensioner

Don’t you love to travel? I know I do. When I was young it wasn’t that common to go abroad, but my parents, specifically my mother, loved to go on holidays to other countries. From the age of 5, I went abroad.

Lucky me, my husband, Tom, likes to travel as well. Our holidays used to be expensive and we never spend a thought on how to earn money while traveling. We don’t like organized trips and I never realized that making all the arrangements on your own is costing a lot of extra money, even if you camp.

Not that it matters, we had a lot of fun. We stayed at one place for two or three days in a row, explored the surroundings, hiked a lot, and visited museums. After which we drove to the next place. And wrote in a travel log and on a blog, never with the intention to monetize that.

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Las Tablas de Daimiel, One of the Unique National Parks of Spain

Las Tablas de Daimiel, One of the Unique National Parks of Spain

When I was doing the research for information about National Park Las Tablas de Daimiel, I realized this again is an article about a swamp. Like Insel Hombroich in Germany is a swamp. And that, while I really love all kinds of landscapes. 🙂

I have to admit that once we adore a place – be it a city, a museum or a landscape – we tend to revisit it often. In a museum the temporary exhibitions will be different each time. A landscape changes with the seasons and with the type of weather that can be extremely different in some years.

We went back only a few months after our 2017 visit to experience the difference of the Tablas after 2 months of excessive rainfall. And different it was!

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2018.07.21 Local tumbler

“Why is it so busy? Are they waiting for a boat?” “No, they’re just gossiping. I guess they didn’t feel like standing on the beach or in the water as most people do”. “Hang on, I’ll take a picture”. And at that exact moment, we discovered why it was so busy: they were watching the … Read more

2018.07.03 How to spend your holidays?

In Spain, the school holidays start halfway through the month of June and finish halfway through September. So it’s quite a challenge what to do with all the school kids during these three months. You can send your kids to the holiday apartment of the grandparents on the coast. But still, what can the grandparents … Read more

2018.06.30 Swimming pool fun

Today was an excellent day. The family – son plus grandchildren – arrived very early giving us ample time to play. The highlight of the day was of course the swimming pool. They both have some kind of life jacket to make sure they don’t drown. And we made sure to don’t drag them into … Read more

2018.05.30 Bliss

There are not many things I love more than walking next to the surf in a nice temperature with a cool breeze surrounding me. How lucky we are to be able to do this frequently. This beach, Playa de Nares, is just a 10-minute car-drive from our house. Like most beaches over here, it has … Read more

2018.02.06 Mimosa

When I was young, my mother, father, their niece, and nephew, and the sister of my father went to Portugal with one car and a tent. That’s the only major trip abroad my parents ever made. My mother loved the trip and the one story of her I still remember, was about Mimosa (see the … Read more