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2018.10.28 Another extended walk

This roundabout marks the start of one of the outskirts of Puerto de Mazarrón: El Alamillo. And at the same time marked the halfway point of our walk today. It was exactly an hour to get here, the same amount of time half of the walk yesterday took us. But since the route was a … Read more

2018.08.12 Chicken Run

Yesterday, during our daily walk, coming from the Playa de las Moreras, along the Playa Canina, and taking the direction of the boulevard of Bolnuevo, we passed Camping Playa de Mazarrón. During most of the year, there are a lot of campers and caravans from people that hibernate in Spain. But now during verano (summer), … Read more

2018.07.25 One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four

We sometimes complain it’s too busy at the moment (as if we would be the only ones entitled to the beach and the sea), but because of the summer, it’s also very lively. There are all kinds of activities. Today we encountered a big group of women mimicking a handsome man in the front. They … Read more

2018.07.10 You take my breath away

For some reason, the theme of today turned out to be smoking. Which is kind of odd since we are both avid non-smokers. It started with a business appointment in a small room where the owner obviously had just put out the last cigarette. Making me cough and not too keen to discuss health insurance … Read more