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2018.12.05 Día de la Constitución

At almost the end of October, when I wrote about Santa Eulalia de Mérida, no one knew we would come to live in Totana. What a way to celebrate our arrival in this very Spanish city. For the next month, there will be festivities about every weekend, except for Christmas. Most festivities are of a … Read more

2018.11.23 Black Friday

“Tomorrow it’s Black Friday.” Our daughter-in-law warned us. This morning we had forgotten all about it: “Let’s go shopping in the mall.” After a nice walk in the sun, passing the full parking lot, and approaching the entrance of the mall, ignoring all the panting and running women, we still had no clue. Inside the … Read more

2018.11.20 What Kind of Prison is This?

This is a prison. Like most prisons, it’s a special prison. During the past twelve months, my books were incarcerated here. They were convicted of having been unable to go to Spain by themselves.A long interior investigation disclosed that they were innocent and had to be released immediately. Today was the day of their liberation. … Read more

2018.11.16 Merry Sinterklaas … euh Christmas

Fortunately, this is a paper cup. Because otherwise, it would never have given me the Merry Christmas Feeling. Which I never have, but that’s another story. What is interesting, is that restaurants start to celebrate Christmas way before Christmas. When I was young there usually were a lot of different other days to celebrate before … Read more

2018.11.08 Aloe Vera in the garden

Aloe Vera is a cactea. It’s green and has very strong and thick leaves. Its juices are used as medicine, healing almost all simple skin adornments. It’s used in beauty creams, although I haven’t experienced many improvements yet. It is said the medical features work after the plant has bloomed, not before. They also make … Read more