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2018.11.23 Black Friday


“Tomorrow it’s Black Friday.” Our daughter-in-law warned us. This morning we had forgotten all about it: “Let’s go shopping in the mall.”

After a nice walk in the sun, passing the full parking lot, and approaching the entrance of the mall, ignoring all the panting and running women, we still had no clue.

Inside the crowd hit us like a wall. “Oh, oh, we forgot …” The panting and running mustered to a degree we had never encountered before. Everywhere women in groups of two to four, fully loaded with stuffed shopping bags ran from one shop to the other. Endless rows in front of the registers.

In total shock, we tried to find a coffee corner to recover. This one full, that one also and in the next one people stood in line to get seated. Finally, all at the back of the mall we could sit down and relax from a totally new experience. Realizing that we never visit shopping malls during that kind of days, moreover, we hardly ever went shopping in city centers during ‘rush hour’.

We decided to take it easy and minimize our shopping to the absolute essentials, succeeded, and left as soon as possible. No more Black Fridays for us. Last year it took our daughter-in-law one hour and a half to get off the parking lot on Black Friday. Lucky us, we were on foot.


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