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2018.11.27 A container full of stuff

The house is ours as of yesterday and already the truck arrived with our stuff. Aren’t we the lucky ones? We didn’t like the house we had rented this month but the main advantage of that fact was that because of that we decided to go to the Netherlands to arrange for our move before … Read more

2018.11.25 Sinterklaas

When we were in the Netherlands we bought a couple of chocolate letters. Of course an A and a D for the kids. But also some general ones as a present. In the Netherlands, it is custom to give these letters when it’s Sinterklaas. Usually the first letter of one’s name. Today we went to … Read more

2018.11.22 No single use plastic

I have really tried my utmost not to use plastic during our trip. I didn’t succeed. Sure, once (!) our drinks came in glass bottles, but most of the time the bottles were of plastic. Whenever I get enthusiastic about something I tend to become a missionary. So I almost ended up in a fight … Read more

2018.11.20 What Kind of Prison is This?

This is a prison. Like most prisons, it’s a special prison. During the past twelve months, my books were incarcerated here. They were convicted of having been unable to go to Spain by themselves.A long interior investigation disclosed that they were innocent and had to be released immediately. Today was the day of their liberation. … Read more