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2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course. Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach. As such the beach is okay, … Read more

2018.07.24 Holiday treat

One way or the other, in Spain special care is taken of ‘people with disabilities’, or as it’s called in our world: ‘people with restrictions’. In the picture, you can see how this works. In a shallow part of the beach, shade is created with a toldo (a canopy). Under the toldo a couple of … Read more

2018.04.18 The weather makes up for everything

The sun is shining again. Oh, how we missed the warmth of it the past weeks, hmmm, maybe the past months. And it makes up for a lot of things. Especially for the Spanish bureaucracy. Yesterday at the very last moment before leaving we had to arrange for a document from the city council that … Read more

2018.03.07 Spanish houses make me go outside

What is this urge to go outside as soon as the sun is peeping through the clouds? I would never have done this in the Netherlands. Not with 13 degrees on the thermometer. Here I have on my body: an undershirt, a t-shirt with short sleeves, a t-shirt with long sleeves, two sweaters, a cardigan, … Read more