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2018.06.19 Cooling Down

Small swimming pool

Unprecedented. Sun for a week in a row. It’s the first time in months that in Spain the sun shines for more than a few days.

Yes, we know that the water reservoirs were depleted. And yes, we know that climate change affects Spain as well as any other country. The prophecy is that in the next few years the water level in the Mediterranean will rise 58 meters. Fortunately, at the moment we live at 90 meters above sea level.

So, with lots of sun, the pool in the garden is a real perk. Yesterday for the first time Hannie took a dive. It looks cold, but the water actually is mild because the sun heats it all day. But still, it’s a nice way to cool down.

For the coming weeks, the weather forecast promises more sun and high temperatures. We’re looking forward to it and the pool will be happy too.


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