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2018.11.22 No single use plastic

I have really tried my utmost not to use plastic during our trip. I didn’t succeed. Sure, once (!) our drinks came in glass bottles, but most of the time the bottles were of plastic. Whenever I get enthusiastic about something I tend to become a missionary. So I almost ended up in a fight … Read more

2018.05.21 Blue skies

Until today every early morning and every early evening clouds are hanging either on top of the mountains or above our heads. Today was the exact opposite. An impeccable blue sky this morning and the moment I am writing this post. And clouds in the middle of the day. Everybody keeps warning us it’s going … Read more

2018.03.22 Meeting the children

Today we went back to the family in Leganés. The temperatures varied from 0°C to 20°C, although both those extremes were very temporary. Most of the time it was right in between, making our hike in the Tablas de Daimiel which we visited again nice. The reason to visit the Tablas again was simple. We … Read more

2018.03.16 To Tahiti with Friends

There we are. The four of us. Rob and Carol are in the middle. Together at a small lunch table in a restaurant in Torre del Mar that I stubbornly call Tahiti. The restaurant that is, not Torre del Mar. The weather was beautiful and during most of the lunch, I was warmed by the … Read more