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2018.05.21 Blue skies

Black Poui

Until today every early morning and every early evening clouds are hanging either on top of the mountains or above our heads.

Today was the exact opposite. An impeccable blue sky this morning and the moment I am writing this post. And clouds in the middle of the day. Everybody keeps warning us it’s going to be hot over here, but so far the temperatures are perfect for me and even a bit cold for Tom.

The tree I photographed as a contrast to the blue sky, is one of my neighbor’s trees. And thanks to one of my Facebook friends I know now how to look up the name: in an app called Garden Answers. Simply upload a picture and the answer is there.

This is a Jacaranda Mimosifolia or Black Poui.
In our own garden is a mini version of it with one peculiar seedbox. I hope to be here long enough to see more of those. Seedboxes always were a great inspiration for me when I worked on my ceramics.


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