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2018.08.12 Chicken Run

Yesterday, during our daily walk, coming from the Playa de las Moreras, along the Playa Canina, and taking the direction of the boulevard of Bolnuevo, we passed Camping Playa de Mazarrón. During most of the year, there are a lot of campers and caravans from people that hibernate in Spain. But now during verano (summer), … Read more

2018.06.27 Amianto

The Asociación de Vecinos (neighborhood association) de Zarzaquemada in Leganés (a suburb of Madrid) issues a monthly magazine called La Palabra (The Word). Its distribution is free. Nothing in La Palabra’s issue 366 (17 de Marzo de 2018) about bingo or shuffleboard. The cover of the magazine features the battles over pensions and feminism that in … Read more

2018.06.20 A first guestpost!

Capers (in Spanish: alcapparas) Capers are the unopened flower buds, preserved in salt or in vinegar, from the Capparis spinosa, also called Flinders rose. This plant is native to the Mediterranean, and can also be found in the area of Mazarrón. In a way, it is tempting to pick the flower buds yourself to make … Read more

2018.06.16 Discovery of a mine

Although I am not a practicing ceramicist anymore, I am still very interested in minerals and oxides. Making today’s guided tour a real treat. On this 4th time we joined the Mazarrón Tourist Agency, the trip went to Las Minas de Mazarrón. Mines that were exploited already in the Roman era and in the 16th … Read more

2018.06.08 Snake alert

One of our regular walks is from the house through the surrounding hills to the via verde. The via verde is a cycle path from Mazarrón to Totana and Cartagena. When we arrive at the via verde, we can either go to the left in the direction of the urbanization Country Club or to the … Read more

2018.06.04 Fishy

One of the perks of the Spanish supermercados is that they have an overwhelming amount of fresh fish. The fish in the picture is Dorada. It has soft white meat with a soft fishy taste. All fresh fish in the supermercado is kept on ice during the day. You can pick the fish you want and … Read more

2018.05.28 Nazarenos

When I was a child in the sixties of the 20th century I loved to watch the TV series Pipo de Clown. Together with his wife Mamaloe and daughter Petra they traveled through the world and experienced all kinds of adventures. A donkey called Nononono pulled their gypsy cart. Although Pipo was a clown, he … Read more