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2018.06.04 Fishy


One of the perks of the Spanish supermercados is that they have an overwhelming amount of fresh fish. The fish in the picture is Dorada. It has soft white meat with a soft fishy taste.

All fresh fish in the supermercado is kept on ice during the day. You can pick the fish you want and if you ask, the shop assistant will clean the fish for you.

The striking thing here in (Puerto de) Mazarrón is that you hardly smell the fish when you walk around in the supermercados. How different is this in Parquesur in Leganés.

Parquesur is a huge shopping mall with numerous different shops. One is the supermercado Alcampo. The shopping mall consists of one very long corridor with left and right shops. Alcampo is situated in the first half of the corridor and somewhat hidden behind other shops. There are three openings in the corridor through which you get access to Alcampo.

The problem is that as soon as you enter the corridor where Alcampo is situated, it starts smelling of fish. And the smell is really fishy because the fish department is all the way in the back of the supermercado. And this Alcampo is really big. So how can the smell of rotten fish get all the way through the supermercado into the corridor and settle between the perfume shops?


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