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2018.08.31 El Mirador de Los Pepineros

And again all stuff has to be packed because we’re moving. It’s at least the tenth time this year. Because we stayed at all kinds of different places, we now feel like real nomads. This is not a reference to the motor club but to the small tribes that cross the desert. Or any other … Read more

2018.06.27 Amianto

The Asociación de Vecinos (neighborhood association) de Zarzaquemada in Leganés (a suburb of Madrid) issues a monthly magazine called La Palabra (The Word). Its distribution is free. Nothing in La Palabra’s issue 366 (17 de Marzo de 2018) about bingo or shuffleboard. The cover of the magazine features the battles over pensions and feminism that in … Read more

2018.06.12 The biggest joy

Today we traveled north to be able to celebrate the birthday of the eldest one tomorrow. Such a delight, now he is getting a bit older, that he can really enjoy our visit and was anticipating our coming almost as much as he is anticipating his birthday. Coming out of school he started talking and … Read more

2018.06.04 Fishy

One of the perks of the Spanish supermercados is that they have an overwhelming amount of fresh fish. The fish in the picture is Dorada. It has soft white meat with a soft fishy taste. All fresh fish in the supermercado is kept on ice during the day. You can pick the fish you want and … Read more

2018.04.17 Heading south

Whenever we talk with our youngest he reminds me of Manuel, the waiter in Fawlty Towers.Alex understands most of the Dutch, English, and Spanish that is spoken to him, but questions are always answered with ¿Que? We will miss that high-pitched voice in the coming months because today we are traveling back to the south … Read more

2018.04.01 Leganés forever

Bad news for the fans of Club Deportivo Leganés. Today they lost at home from Valencia with one goal. In the Primera Division (La Liga) they fell from 12th to 14th place. Although Leganés is an autonomous city, it’s totally incorporated in the urbanized area of the city of Madrid. A city which is very … Read more