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2018.08.31 El Mirador de Los Pepineros

And again all stuff has to be packed because we’re moving. It’s at least the tenth time this year. Because we stayed at all kinds of different places, we now feel like real nomads. This is not a reference to the motor club but to the small tribes that cross the desert. Or any other … Read more

2018.04.01 Leganés forever

Bad news for the fans of Club Deportivo Leganés. Today they lost at home from Valencia with one goal. In the Primera Division (La Liga) they fell from 12th to 14th place. Although Leganés is an autonomous city, it’s totally incorporated in the urbanized area of the city of Madrid. A city which is very … Read more

2018.03.30 Zarzaquemada

Zarzaquemada is a densely populated district in the city of Leganés. It has been built in the Seventies of the last century and consists mainly of uniform apartment blocks. Several parks line the district and between the apartment blocks, you can find childrens’ playgrounds such as in the picture. As soon as the sun comes … Read more

2018.03.25 A day at the Zoo

March had the theme ‘Animals’ for the grandchildren so we decided to go to the Madrid Zoo this weekend. We were very lucky to have chosen Sunday because the weather was sunny. Cold, but sunny. The kids were out of their heads with excitement, running around and hardly giving themselves any time to have a … Read more

2018.03.03 El pacto del agua

Today the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais posted a message on its website about negotiations on a water treaty between the countries’ two biggest political parties – the Partido Popular (PP) and the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE). Next Wednesday (the 7th), thousands of farmers from Alicante, Murcia, and Almeria will protest at the department … Read more

2018.02.25 It’s not a dog

Although San Isidro Labrador is the patron saint of the farmers (and of Madrid), it didn’t stop the members of the Cooperativa named after him to work on a Sunday. In Canillas de Aceituno this small factory in the picture produces olive oil. The existence of such a factory here is obvious, because of the … Read more