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2018.04.05 Car friendly Madrid

Street in Madrid

There is no greater pleasure than leisurely walking through a big city. In the case of the picture, the big city is Madrid.

The only downturn is that everywhere there are cars. They do not only pollute the already heavy air, but they also need a lot of space and these spaces constantly interrupt walkways.

Just for the fun of it, I asked Google Maps to plot walking routes from several suburbs to the city center. Most distances are no longer than a two to three-hour walk. But all walks run along semi-highways. Of which I do not know the quality, i.e. whether there are footpaths available. I think for cyclists the problems are similar.

Another problem is that cars do not only need a space close to the offices and shops where people work or which people attend, but they also need a space close to the home where people live.

The big challenge nowadays is whether the cities will survive if people no longer need to work in an office and no longer buy their goods in shops but only through the internet. Of course, their goods have to be delivered at home. No alternatives there yet. If only drones would get more reliable something might change. But still, do you wish to receive your fresh vegetables every day by drone?

Here in Spain, it’s very unlikely much will change soon. Work, going out to eat or to the theater, and shopping are for most people social events of the first order. Today was a beautiful day with only sunshine. In no time all the terraces were crowded.

I’m glad we went by train and on foot. That way we could enjoy the sun and the people and the city in the ‘slow’ way. The way we like best.


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