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2018.09.30 Cave dwellings

In Andalucia in Spain, in the city of Huéscar for instance, there are some fine examples of cave dwellings. But this picture was taken from the Punta el Pichirichi in the coastal village of San Juan de Los Terreros. The rocks rise from the sea and are used as the foundation, the walls, and the … Read more

2018.02.25 It’s not a dog

Although San Isidro Labrador is the patron saint of the farmers (and of Madrid), it didn’t stop the members of the Cooperativa named after him to work on a Sunday. In Canillas de Aceituno this small factory in the picture produces olive oil. The existence of such a factory here is obvious, because of the … Read more

2018.02.01 Canillas de Aceituno

Canillas de Aceituno is a small ‘white’ village about 15 kilometers from the Mar mediterráneo. Since it’s a clear day today I can see the sea from the house where we now live. Canillas is a typical Andalucian village. Small steep streets where only one car can drive through at a time. Sometimes they are … Read more

2018.01.19 Buenos dias

The village in the Netherlands where we used to live, really is a village. When you walk around everybody says ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’. That’s the upside. The downside is that people keep a close watch on each other. On the seaside here in Spain, where we now live, nobody says anything if you’re not … Read more