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2018.03.21 Sunny goodbyes

Today was our last day in Canillas de Aceituno and we were lucky: the sun has been shining all day. The wind is still cold, but nevertheless, it was wayyyy better than when it’s raining. We said goodbye to the shopkeepers where we got our groceries. (Our favorite restaurant is closed on Wednesdays so we … Read more

2018.03.20 Surprise …

No, this is not the design for our New year card. It’s a surprise. Because they’re closed on Wednesday and we will leave for Madrid the day after tomorrow, we went to La Maroma today. La Maroma is a restaurant here in the village of Canillas de Aceituno. We very much enjoy the food, the … Read more

2018.03.19 Composition of roofs

What I like most about those mountain villages is the ‘organized chaos’ of the houses. In the Netherlands, we were used to neat rows with as only variation some rows that were placed perpendicular to them. All roofs parallel to each other. Over here there can even be three directions in the roof of one … Read more

2018.03.14 Protecting tiles

Something I like about the village we temporarily live in is the way they decorate their houses. It’s not purely meant as decoration, the function is the protection of the walls against moisture and water. Hence, they only tile the first meter from the ground up. It is funny though. I like to see these … Read more

2018.03.02 Social housing

On November 27, 1959, Pope John XXIII declared the Virgen de la Cabeza patroness of the diocese of Jaén. Jaén is a city situated in the Andújar Mountains, a two-hour drive by car north from the village where we now live. But probably there is no link with the reference on this picture to the … Read more

2018.02.28 In desperate need of water

The weather prediction for the next 10 days is rain, rain, rain, and an occasional thunderstorm. Nevertheless, we were very lucky this morning and did our daily walk without a drop of water. But the afternoon was characterized by lots of rain and at times the clouds came down on us, blocking the view outside. … Read more

2018.02.25 It’s not a dog

Although San Isidro Labrador is the patron saint of the farmers (and of Madrid), it didn’t stop the members of the Cooperativa named after him to work on a Sunday. In Canillas de Aceituno this small factory in the picture produces olive oil. The existence of such a factory here is obvious, because of the … Read more

2018.02.21 Warming up in the wintersun

We did have breakfast on the terrace before, but that was on a Sunday when we were up late. Usually, we can sit outside after 10 a.m. But this morning we were outside at 8:30! Isn’t that something? It is the 21st of February. I think it is amazing. This is what we came here … Read more

2018.02.03 The sun makes up for everything

The past 2 days were at times frightening because of the force winds that were hitting us and the house on top of the hill. But that was quickly forgotten once we opened the window shutters and saw the sun shining abundantly. I went outside as soon as I finished my exercises and was lucky … Read more