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2018.12.07 Keep yourself to yourself, if you can

Privacy does not exist in Spain. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how indifferent organizations and official persons are concerning sensitive information. A handful of examples from these past months: Coincidentally the doctor was at the receptionists’ desk when somebody phoned about a test result. Those were not discussed in the solitud of the consulting … Read more

2018.12.06 Veroño in the Sierra de Espuña

Let it be a coincidence, but from the day we moved into our new house, the weather has been absolutely marvelous. It turns out this type of weather has a name in Spain: Veroño. It’s a mix of verano and otoño – summer and autumn. They call it like this when the temperatures are way higher than they … Read more

2018.11.28 Rollmops

We bought several chocolate letters in the Netherlands last week, but for Sebastian who we like very much and who used to be a chef, we thought the better of it. For him, we bought another Dutch treat: rolmops. It’s one of the things I miss here, Nieuwe Haring and Rolmops. Oh, and drop. I … Read more