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2018.05.21 Blue skies

Until today every early morning and every early evening clouds are hanging either on top of the mountains or above our heads. Today was the exact opposite. An impeccable blue sky this morning and the moment I am writing this post. And clouds in the middle of the day. Everybody keeps warning us it’s going … Read more

2018.05.10 Walking in the rain

The weather app keeps predicting sun and the reality keeps being rainy. Well, we won’t melt from a bit of rain. Although we didn’t like that the supposedly drying laundry outside got soaking wet again. Today we walked a part of the Vías Verde. We took up the path about 600 m. from our house … Read more

2018.05.09 Raindrops in the swimming pool

Most of the day was sunny and lovely. When we drove out of Puerto de Mazarrón with our shoppings we saw big waves of sea mist. But still, we hadn’t thought it would rain. Even when we see dark clouds we don’t expect rain. Especially when the weather app predicts sunshine all day. So yes, … Read more

2018.04.18 The weather makes up for everything

The sun is shining again. Oh, how we missed the warmth of it the past weeks, hmmm, maybe the past months. And it makes up for a lot of things. Especially for the Spanish bureaucracy. Yesterday at the very last moment before leaving we had to arrange for a document from the city council that … Read more

2018.03.21 Sunny goodbyes

Today was our last day in Canillas de Aceituno and we were lucky: the sun has been shining all day. The wind is still cold, but nevertheless, it was wayyyy better than when it’s raining. We said goodbye to the shopkeepers where we got our groceries. (Our favorite restaurant is closed on Wednesdays so we … Read more