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2018.07.29 Moscas and avispas

This a hive, not a beehive, but a hive for wasps. In Spain, wasps are called avispas. The wasps in the picture look different from those that visit the pool. The ‘pool wasps’ are bigger and have tails. Bees and wasps have important functions in nature. They eat other less useful animals and inseminate flowers … Read more

2018.01.20 Variety of colours

It’s surprising how colorful January is in such a mild climate as the south of Spain. In cities, public parks are filled with flowers. Which takes quite some maintenance. Many cities have botanic gardens. The one in Valencia is the most beautiful we have visited so far in Spain. But even Almuñécar has a botanic … Read more

2017.11.17 Two sides of a medal

We celebrated my friend’s birthday. A festive occasion usually, but her brother-in-law died yesterday. Everybody was feeling a bit uneasy; should we be joyful, should we mourn. In the end, we did both of course. I bought her flowers and there was this beautiful bouquet of all white flowers. As you can imagine I chose … Read more