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2018.04.18 The weather makes up for everything


The sun is shining again. Oh, how we missed the warmth of it the past weeks, hmmm, maybe the past months. And it makes up for a lot of things. Especially for the Spanish bureaucracy.

Yesterday at the very last moment before leaving we had to arrange for a document from the city council that the bank needed. At our third appointment with the bank, they announced that they needed this document. Never said anything about it in the previous two appointments (when we would have had more time to get it in control).

The city council document took us three appointments as well. The first time the lady gave us a document we had to complete and said she needed a certain copy. The second time some more copies were needed and of course, she could only realize that they were necessary when she saw the completed form.

This morning I wanted to get a contract for my mobile phone, for which all the hustle of NIE and a Spanish bank account was started in the first place. And no, I couldn’t get it, because I couldn’t show a contract that the bank account was really mine.

These processes take so much time because I just can’t imagine on forehand which papers somebody will need. I am an extranjero. Or to say as Manuel from Fawlty Towers does: I know nathing.


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