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2018.10.21 Kaizen – one step at a time

One of the things I keep track of in my journal are my daily goals. We all have goals or tasks, or whatever you want to call them. Some years ago I started with a system of getting my goals done. It is easier to complete a goal or make something to a daily practice … Read more

2018.10.18 Daily journaling

At the beginning of July, I started in a new journal. The white one, that I got as a goodbye present from my friend Jenny. Today I started in another new journal because the white one is full. I write a lot. At least twice a day, mornings and evenings. And sometimes during the day … Read more

2018.08.11 Running in the heat

Saturday evening is always a busy evening here on the coast. So I decided to park the car on a spot where it usually is quiet, the large parking area near the Mushrooms of Bolnuevo. Officially they’re called Erosiones de Bolnuevo. Fortunately, Hannie suggested another parking spot not that far away. In which case we … Read more

2018.05.30 Bliss

There are not many things I love more than walking next to the surf in a nice temperature with a cool breeze surrounding me. How lucky we are to be able to do this frequently. This beach, Playa de Nares, is just a 10-minute car-drive from our house. Like most beaches over here, it has … Read more

2018.05.10 Walking in the rain

The weather app keeps predicting sun and the reality keeps being rainy. Well, we won’t melt from a bit of rain. Although we didn’t like that the supposedly drying laundry outside got soaking wet again. Today we walked a part of the Vías Verde. We took up the path about 600 m. from our house … Read more

2018.01.22 Beach walk

On our daily walk today we went from Almuñecar past Cotobro, almost to Marina del Este. A fantastic walk. There were several calas (little beaches surrounded by rocks) that were connected by built paths. Not only beautiful but because of the stony beaches also very good exercise for our ankles. The sun is absolutely amazing … Read more