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2018.08.11 Running in the heat


Saturday evening is always a busy evening here on the coast. So I decided to park the car on a spot where it usually is quiet, the large parking area near the Mushrooms of Bolnuevo. Officially they’re called Erosiones de Bolnuevo.

Fortunately, Hannie suggested another parking spot not that far away. In which case we also didn’t have to drive through the village all the way. From our parking spot, we had easy access to the beach in Bolnuevo or into the other direction along the boulevard to Bahia. We decided to walk first in the direction of Bolnuevo.

Along the boulevard and beyond, a red and white tape followed our walking route. Something was afoot. When we finally reached the parking area near the mushrooms we noticed how very lucky we were to have chosen Hannie’s parking spot. The entire area was taped off and crowded with people, mostly men, dressed up for running. No parking space left.

Walking our way back we were caught up by a very large group of runners. This explained the red and white tape. And the orange cones. Although the sun had almost set behind the hills and the clouds, it still was 31 degrees Celsius. Even for slow walkers as we are, a sweaty temperature.

But at their turning point, the runners could pick up a small plastic bottle of water. Many did and a few meters from the water point threw the empty bottles on the street. Let’s hope someone picked up the mess.

Compliments for the runners though. They withstood the heat and can look back on a hefty accomplishment. So did we, because we again reached our daily walking target.


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