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Make a Daily Intention – Happiness is Living on Purpose

Make a Daily Intention - Happiness is Living on Purpose

Having a purpose in life is a guarantee to make you feel happy. Haven’t we all experienced times in our life we were working on something and had to force ourselves to stop for the day? And couldn’t wait to continue the next day.

A lot of people only experience this as a kid and forget all about it in adult life. Having a purposeful daily intention can bring that feeling back.

Tom and I always loved our job. On the rare occasions when that was not the case, we resigned. And later, when we were entrepreneurs, we didn’t work with clients who were too stressed.

Some friends and acquaintances said, almost enviously, that we were lucky. While we felt that we were just working for it. Yet, it was in an unconscious way. That changed later by using some tools. This article is about how you can give meaning to a daily intention.

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How to Effectively Write with Confidence

How to Effectively Write with Confidence

The other day someone asked me whether I write a lot. I said I don’t know. What’s a lot? I write once a day a post on facebook. Sometimes two or three. And an article for our websites a couple of times a week. Such as this one. Writing is important for me because it keeps the grey matter fit. Which is one of our goals.

The person who asked me the question would love to write, but felt insecure. So I explained how he could overcome this insecurity. This article is an extended version of my explanation: How to effectively write with confidence.

Given our experiences, the most important tip is to write a lot. The more the better. No writer is born a star-writer. Every single one of them became better in time after writing thousands of words.

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2018.10.18 Daily journaling

At the beginning of July, I started in a new journal. The white one, that I got as a goodbye present from my friend Jenny. Today I started in another new journal because the white one is full. I write a lot. At least twice a day, mornings and evenings. And sometimes during the day … Read more