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2018.07.30 Sweaty business

They say you only practice hard enough if you are sweating. Well, sweating we are. Strangely enough, I sweat more nowadays than Tom does. In the Netherlands, I hardly sweated at all. It’s not just the temperatures though, but also the fact that we change our practice a lot. At times we walk longer distances … Read more

2018.07.21 Local tumbler

“Why is it so busy? Are they waiting for a boat?” “No, they’re just gossiping. I guess they didn’t feel like standing on the beach or in the water as most people do”. “Hang on, I’ll take a picture”. And at that exact moment, we discovered why it was so busy: they were watching the … Read more

2018.07.20 Rooms of recess

It’s no use complaining that you’re getting older. You just need practical solutions. Like aseos when you need one. The beautiful white and blue striped cabin in the picture is such an aseos (W.C.). For men and for women. By the way, the Spanish have some interesting words for these ‘rooms of recess’: cuarto de descanso, retrete, lavabo, baño, inodoro, servicios, excusado, guardarropa, vestuario, and consigna. … Read more

2018.05.30 Bliss

There are not many things I love more than walking next to the surf in a nice temperature with a cool breeze surrounding me. How lucky we are to be able to do this frequently. This beach, Playa de Nares, is just a 10-minute car-drive from our house. Like most beaches over here, it has … Read more