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2018.07.20 Rooms of recess

It’s no use complaining that you’re getting older. You just need practical solutions. Like aseos when you need one. The beautiful white and blue striped cabin in the picture is such an aseos (W.C.). For men and for women. By the way, the Spanish have some interesting words for these ‘rooms of recess’: cuarto de descanso, retrete, lavabo, baño, inodoro, servicios, excusado, guardarropa, vestuario, and consigna. … Read more

2018.01.16 Boulevards & Beaches

Yesterday the picture showed a fine example of the lengthy walking boulevards there are to be found in many Spanish coastal cities and villages. Friends of us told us that the specific boulevard on yesterday’s picture takes a 4-hour hike, one way! Walking boulevards do not discriminate. Spanish people and those from other countries, handicapped … Read more