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Have you Ever Thought of Ballroom Dancing as a Form of Exercise?

Have you Ever Thought of Ballroom Dancing as a Form of Exercise?

My parents used to go to Benidorm every year for 8 months. So I would visit them at least once every winter season. My mother loved walking through the surf and most of the time I would accompany her then.

When we walked in the morning everything was quiet, but if we were late and it was already afternoon, we would hear music long before we were on the boulevard.

This music came from several big cafes where they had cleared the centre of tables and chairs to create an empty spot that served as a dance floor.

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2018.10.14 Yoga with kids

For my morning exercises, I have 3 routines I do alternately. One is all kinds of stretching exercises, the second is power training with weights (actually 2 water bottles, because my halters are in the storage), and the third is yoga. Son and grandsons also do yoga, so one of the mornings they were here, … Read more

2018.07.30 Sweaty business

They say you only practice hard enough if you are sweating. Well, sweating we are. Strangely enough, I sweat more nowadays than Tom does. In the Netherlands, I hardly sweated at all. It’s not just the temperatures though, but also the fact that we change our practice a lot. At times we walk longer distances … Read more

2018.07.22 I am so proud of myself

Today I have set a personal record! Touching my knees with my nose during the Seated Forward Bend, also known as Paschimottanasana. Last year I had an injury due to extensive walking (10.000 steps daily) on the wrong shoes. It took me a couple of months of physiotherapy and exercise to recover. Instead of quitting … Read more

2018.06.02 Vessels and salt

Today we enjoyed our second guided tour, organized by the Tourist Office of Mazarrón. Again the subject was ancient history – the Phoenicians and the Romans – but this time in Puerto de Mazarrón. From our visit to the museum Arqva in Cartagena, we knew that the Phoenician boat that is displayed over there is … Read more

2018.03.04 My pedometer

Finally, after four consecutive days of crashing rain, sun rays penetrate through the clouds. The surprise was that the moment we stepped outside, it started raining again. But after five minutes the rain surrendered and we could finish our daily exercise, a 4-kilometer walk which equals about 6000 steps on my pedometer. ^tvo