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2018.07.22 I am so proud of myself

Seated Forward Bend

Today I have set a personal record! Touching my knees with my nose during the Seated Forward Bend, also known as Paschimottanasana.

Last year I had an injury due to extensive walking (10.000 steps daily) on the wrong shoes. It took me a couple of months of physiotherapy and exercise to recover. Instead of quitting the exercise when I finally recovered, I gradually added more and more different exercises. Resulting in a daily practice of 30 exercises in about 45 minutes.

The exercises are a mix.

  • Exercises for my heels
  • Strength training
  • Balancing
  • Exercises to prevent arthrosis in my hands
  • Strengthen my back
  • Core training
  • Yoga

Some of them I got in the past from my physiotherapist. Others I learned during yoga classes I took when I was in my thirties. A couple I have found on the internet. And a great deal I have learned from my son, who is an avid practitioner of Muay Thai.

And to be honest, the record of today wasn’t a real record of course. When I took yoga classes I could easily touch my knees with my nose.

But here you see the practice of Kaizen in fool bloom. I started this particular exercise about half a year ago and back then I was glad to be able to bend my back a little bit. Making me one happy cookie today. 🙂


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