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2018.10.28 Another extended walk

This roundabout marks the start of one of the outskirts of Puerto de Mazarrón: El Alamillo. And at the same time marked the halfway point of our walk today. It was exactly an hour to get here, the same amount of time half of the walk yesterday took us. But since the route was a … Read more

2018.07.22 I am so proud of myself

Today I have set a personal record! Touching my knees with my nose during the Seated Forward Bend, also known as Paschimottanasana. Last year I had an injury due to extensive walking (10.000 steps daily) on the wrong shoes. It took me a couple of months of physiotherapy and exercise to recover. Instead of quitting … Read more

2018.04.19 Taking the stairs is healthy

We are staying in a spa hotel at the moment. Lots of facilities over here. Or as the hotel says Bienvenido a un mundo diferente. It’s a nice hotel. And as usual, there is something that is nagging us. We wouldn’t be our critical, thinking selves if there wasn’t:Why is it always so hard to … Read more

2018.02.03 The sun makes up for everything

The past 2 days were at times frightening because of the force winds that were hitting us and the house on top of the hill. But that was quickly forgotten once we opened the window shutters and saw the sun shining abundantly. I went outside as soon as I finished my exercises and was lucky … Read more