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2018.02.09 Flamenco in the mountains

La Maroma

At the sunny start of our way up the mountain La Maroma, we passed a farm where someone was singing an Andalusian folksong. I am not sure of course but in my ears, it sounded very much like flamenco, which is authentic Andalusian.
What a nice way to start a hike.

The top La Maroma is 2065 m high and we started at about 625 m. I guess we didn’t walk more than 1 km up with an estimated height difference of 200 m. Not that much when the whole route is 5 to 6 km, but nevertheless we were very proud of ourselves for doing this hike.

And I must add that Tom is a sweetie. He helped me up and down on all the difficult parts! <3


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