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What is Digital Health and what Good is it to Us?

What is Digital Health and what Good is it to Us?

Digital health has seriously taken off during the past few years. But what is digital health? No computer, as yet, has been able to cure any ailments.

Is digital health perhaps about those cute little digital dogs, called Aibo? They keep you company when you’re lonely.

Or is digital health about those numerous digital health-training programs for medical staff? Or the advanced computer storage and processing devices, without which no nurse or doctor would be able to perform their job. Even more complicated are surgical robots.

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2018.03.04 My pedometer

Finally, after four consecutive days of crashing rain, sun rays penetrate through the clouds. The surprise was that the moment we stepped outside, it started raining again. But after five minutes the rain surrendered and we could finish our daily exercise, a 4-kilometer walk which equals about 6000 steps on my pedometer. ^tvo