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What is Digital Health and what Good is it to Us?

What is Digital Health and what Good is it to Us?

Digital health has seriously taken off during the past few years. But what is digital health? No computer, as yet, has been able to cure any ailments.

Is digital health perhaps about those cute little digital dogs, called Aibo? They keep you company when you’re lonely.

Or is digital health about those numerous digital health-training programs for medical staff? Or the advanced computer storage and processing devices, without which no nurse or doctor would be able to perform their job. Even more complicated are surgical robots.

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2018.10.09 Out of Focus

This picture has numerous striking features: We walk everyday 3 to 5 kilometers. Hence the walking shoes and turned up trouser legs. During our walks we frequently have to go up or down a hill or up or down stairs. That’s why this picture is slanting. The long sleaved shirt indicates the temperatures decrease. Despite … Read more

2018.04.28 Beep beep

So far we are not very impressed by the service level of the Spanish shops, restaurants, or civil servants. In most cases, they give us the impression we should be grateful they take notice of us at all. But we are very grateful there are some outstanding exceptions. And these past few days were made … Read more

2018.04.03 Wireless or not

From the very young to the oldest, there is no Spaniard who can live without a mobile phone. On the street, they keep the phone in front of their mouth, the sound on speaker mode. So as everybody can follow the conversation. Or, like secret service agents, they wear earplugs and a white cord slapdashes … Read more