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How Well Do you Understand your Everyday Communication?

Do you Understand your Everyday Communication?

The older I get the more aware I am of the peculiarities in my everyday communication. After all these years I think I understand everything and do not need to explain too much.

For most of the time that is true. But on some occasions, my ears are tuned to what I want to hear and my partner asks where I am with my head.

These are the moments that I become aware that nothing is more complicated as good communication. In this article, I will try to explain what makes good communication so difficult.

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How to Find Reliable Information on the Internet?

How to Find Reliable Information on the Internet?

Reliable information on the Internet is at the moment a much-debated topic. Not the least on the Internet itself. This is quite rightly so.

There are all sorts of individuals, organizations, companies and governments on the Internet that only serve their own extremely limited concerns.

How to deal with such devious sources?

However, more importantly, where can you find reliable information on the Internet?

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2018.09.28 Internet

A standard question in every house we were in: “How is the internet?”The answer was an also-standard: “Oh, it works like a charm!” Well, I know by now that we are very spoiled with the internet we had in the Netherlands. Fast, hardly any interruptions, reliable. The reason for the enthusiasm over here is probably … Read more