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2018.10.09 Out of Focus

Hannie taking a picture

This picture has numerous striking features:

  • We walk everyday 3 to 5 kilometers. Hence the walking shoes and turned up trouser legs.
  • During our walks we frequently have to go up or down a hill or up or down stairs. That’s why this picture is slanting.
  • The long sleaved shirt indicates the temperatures decrease. Despite the sunshine.
  • Usually Hannie takes pictures with her mobile phone. Now she uses her real camera. So the picture she is taking must be important.
  • That the picture she takes must be important can also be derived from the fact that she stands on her toes.
  • Hannie is the one who usually takes the pictures. She is very good at taking pictures. Just look at the pictures in the blogs from clevercreating.com.
  • I am not so very good at taking pictures. This can be derived from the fact that this picture is out of focus.


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