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2018.10.08 Treacherous ramblas

Rambla Honda

This is the Rambla Honda. In Spain, a rambla can have two distinct meanings: an avenue (like the world-famous La Rambla in Barcelona) or a dry riverbed.

The big pile of stones and sand on the left side were shoved away last week because they threatened to block the exit of the riverbed. These kinds of dry riverbeds are to be found throughout Spain.

With the green bushes, on the left and right banks of the rambla, and the flat and dry riverbed this rambla invites for a walk. On a dry and warm day, and with one hundred percent assurance it will not rain in the hills where the rambla usually starts, you might try one.

But beware, ramblas are treacherous and you wouldn’t be the first one to get killed by the incredible power of stones and water that totally unexpected comes running down.


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