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2018.09.15 Tormentas


The Philippines is plagued by typhoon Mangkhut. The Carolinas are battered by tropical storm Florence. And we?

We were vast asleep. Most of the time during the night. Sometimes we woke up because of the heavy rains. But we’re from the Netherlands. So we don’t care. Over there it always rains.

Only when we took our daily walk along the coast we noticed that the rain had filled the boulevard with the debris of the hills. And the beaches too.

Overnight, everywhere the water had carved these furrows in the beach. It must have been done with a lot of force. Stones were washed all the way down the hills and were scattered across the shores. No matter how small and reasonably insignificant, these tormentas over here must have been, compared to Mangkhut and Florence, the more we are overcome by the devastation these huge storms must have made over there.


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