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2018.03.15 Honouring the farmer

Although I haven’t seen any vineyards in the area, at the end of the village, in the middle of a roundabout, there is a metal statue honoring (homenaje) the farmer (labrador) who works vineyards (vid cavaor). Perhaps it’s because of the lack of vineyards that the word cavaor is written in between quotation marks. Other … Read more

2018.03.10 Captivating Carcasses

There has been a time in Spain people could build where they wanted. Two concurring developments ended this: the financial and economic crisis which started in 2007 and anti-corruption actions. Probably the crisis came first. The problem is that many projects couldn’t be finished because of a lack of finances, or because of indictments that … Read more

2018.03.08 The news of the day

At both ends of the village, there are children’s playgrounds, combined with fitness machines for adults, situated on terraces overlooking the surrounding area. When the sun shines in the afternoon the elderly of the village gather there on the benches to discuss the news of the day. What a surprise when we saw that one … Read more

2018.01.19 Buenos dias

The village in the Netherlands where we used to live, really is a village. When you walk around everybody says ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’. That’s the upside. The downside is that people keep a close watch on each other. On the seaside here in Spain, where we now live, nobody says anything if you’re not … Read more