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2018.03.16 To Tahiti with Friends

There we are. The four of us. Rob and Carol are in the middle. Together at a small lunch table in a restaurant in Torre del Mar that I stubbornly call Tahiti. The restaurant that is, not Torre del Mar. The weather was beautiful and during most of the lunch, I was warmed by the … Read more

2018.03.12 On parakeets and palm trees

The wild parakeets in this picture live in the palm trees that border the promenade along the beach of Torre del Mar. They make an awful racket for such small birds. People who think that these birds belong in more tropical regions, better think again. Although the wild parakeets in Torre del Mar are not … Read more

2018.02.27 Bureaucracy prevails

They did warn us [11] We had more fun today watching the birds flying up above the sea than we had trying for the umptieth time to get an NIE. Either we are total knobheads, or the system here sucks big time. As they advised us in Málaga we went to the police station in … Read more