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2018.06.18 Fear of tsunamis

Beachhouse Puerto

The only people we have ever seen in this house were workmen. Maybe the owners will be here in the holiday season, we have no idea. We will find out. I guess.

What we do know is that this house is blocking the beach effectively. Everybody who wants to continue walking in the surf has to go to the boulevard to make a detour.

There was a time a house like this was my dream. About 40 years ago I saw a similar house in Italy and then I imagined owning such a house when I grew up. (Oh, sorry, this is an insider joke – only people who know my age will get it.) 🙂

But my dream has changed. I don’t want to live this near to the sea anymore. Fear of a tsunami and the rising of the sea level contributes to this.

Never mind. I can make a detour around this house and enjoy the view. And be happy with just that.


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